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Membership to EURAAC is open to all who are interested in acarology. The annual subscription rate is 10 Euros, but a reduced rate of 5 Euros is available to students enrolled in a recognized educational institution and to retired persons.The annual subscription fee is due on 1st January each year and the fees for up to four years may be paid in advance. We recommend payment for 4 year-period or until the year before the next symposium. Subsequent payment can then be made in connection with the symposium fees.Existing members who have allowed their subscription to lapse are asked to recommence their subscription.

Euraac member are required to pay EURAAC membership fee before registration.

Please, transfer the membership fee (40€ for active members and 20 for students) to the following account and send us a copy of the transfer to:

The payment will cover your membership fee from 2016 to 2019.

Bank account details:

Bank: Bankia
IBAN: ES73 2038 6548 1160 0005 7629
SWIFT (BIC -Bank Identifier Code-): CAHMESMMXXX
Bank office address: OF. 6548 Clariano-Gorgos. Calle Gorgos nº 15, 46021 Valencia (Spain)
Bank account holder: Francisco Ferragut Perez

After that, in order to complete the registration process please register in

For questions connected to registration please contact to

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